How To Delete Videos On Youtube


Youtube is not only the third most viewed site in the world but It has also quietly become one of the world's biggest search engines. There are many reasons to upload your videos on Youtube but if you want to delete your videos it is quite hard to know. Here is a step by step guide on how to remove your video/videos from Youtube.

As our channel starts to grow we realize its time to remove those unprofessional and irrevalent videos which our viewers and subscribers may not like. Bad videos can damage our brand reputation that's why it would be a wise decision to remove those videos. 

Transcript: You uploaded the same video twice or maybe you were asked to remove it because of copyright issues or you want to upload a new video, whatever your reason would be, I am going to tell how to delete your Youtube video and a tip which you can consider before deleting your video but remember that deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed and it may take some time for video search results and thumbnails images to disappear.

To delete your Youtube video Click on your profile picture, click on creator studio, then Click on Video Manager.

There are two ways of deleting videos. If you want to delete one video, click on down arrow button beside edit, then click on delete, a confirmation box will appear, click on Yes to delete your video.
To delete multiple videos, select the videos you want to delete then Click on actions then click on delete a confirmation box will appear click on “Yes”

But before deleting your videos here is a tip. If you don’t want to delete your videos you can make it a private so no one can watch it except you

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